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PCF Consulting delivers added-value in the Consulting process of a common progression from “Concept” to “Implement” to “Record & Measure” and regularly “Plan Refresh”..


1. Pre-Startup (The Coming Together, and Expanded Awareness):


Pre-Startup for an entrepreneur can be a time to add caution and reality to the adventure ahead for the Entrepreneur himself, or if a team has been loosely put together, the Team as a whole.


Addressing advantages and disadvantages of business
ownership.  Do “I” have what it takes, and what is that? What are my professional and Personal needs out of it? Can this idea be turned into a business? Can I afford to do a business? What’s at Risk? If I decide “not to do” the deal, have I failed? And much more.


Note: during the Pre-startup phase long-term success is greatly assisted by the intense focus on Leadership awareness and skills, with the Senior Management
Team later embracing and exhibiting the Mission and Values of the company in balance with the culture and its staff.


2. Startup Planning (The Business Entity, Initial Team, Operational Planning, Budget and Funding):


Startup planning, initially it is commonplace that a Strategy Consultant comes in to become part of Management Team to allow Leader to spend limited available funds on personnel resources only as needed. During this phase, the focus stays high on defining and documenting all sections of the Company Business
Plan (the How-To’s) that your Management Team requires of each department for success at opening (or re-opening)


The evaluation and decision on what business entity type  ( C Corp, S Corp, LLC, others) the company will be and why. Define what By-Laws or Articles of Incorporation will be, to protect needs of Owners, Investors, Stockholders, and Third-Parties, issues surrounding change of ownership and many more like :  Define What the company will do, and how, what kind of staffing is needed in-place and at what stages do we bring them on. Add needed implementation staff, develop and document
each of the key areas of implementation actions and schedules. Generate initial phase budget that covers Startup planning phase and implementation phase, along with 3-Year plan for us by Leader in obtaining funding.


Deliverables of this stage’s completion is an approved set of Operating Articles for the business entity, a board approved Business Plan, and a Management Team approved Implementation Plan


3. Implementation (Implement Plans, Transactions, Measurement, Performance Review
and re-plan)


This stage sees the "form coming together" of the key

operations components of the company.


Note: Transaction processing (Income/Expense) and Accounting Management (and Reporting) services are in-place by end of previous stage.


Implementation plan elements begin execution and are monitored to processes and goals. Calibrations of plan, due to need for updating documented process,  or adding needed steps are handled on day-to-day manner, updating plan with all changes. Senior Management personnel are on board and directing their groups to plan.


4. Post Implementation (Best Practices, Management Team Refinement, Quarterly Plan Review and Goal Updates):


Focus remains on refining the various processes of the groups. Management shifts go under review in areas where the “Build/Troubleshoot” phases of the company may/or may not need different requirement for a manager skill of fine-tuning and maintain. Constant transact and measure to provide Accounting with tools to report, analyze, offer recommendations to Operations.


5.Growth Planning ( What, How, When, Why)


6. Start again (In as needed frequency, or Event Driven”: Plan, Implement, Transact, Measure, Review, Re-Plan)

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